5 Best 10 Inch Miter Saw Review 2021

You cannot get perfect cuts on crown molding, picture frames, window casings, and other similar house renovation things using a regular saw. This is where a miter saw shows its excellence. 

Whether you are a remodeler, trim carpenter, or woodworker, the best 10-inch miter saw 2021 can efficiently handle your tasks. For most DIYers as well as beginners, a 10-inch size is more than enough.

There are lots of options available to choose from; but, I found the below products to be one of the best in this category.

Best 10 Inch Miter Saw 2021

NameBrandPrice RangeBest Deals

Hitachi C10FCH2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Metabo HPT C10FCGS 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw

Delta S26-262L 10-Inch Shop Master Miter Saw
Genesis GMS1015LC 10-Inch Compound Miter SawGenesis$$
Metabo HPT C10FCG 10-Inch Compound Miter SawMetabo$$$
Best 10 Inch Miter Saw

After hours of research, I have come with these top 5 miter saws that perform great and are strongly made.

The very first product on the list is from the well-reputable brand Hitachi, which is now known as Metabo. This saw spots a heavy-duty motor that cuts with high accuracy. Its versatile cutting way allows you to achieve various types of cuts from different angles.

Hitachi C10FCH2 15-Amp 10-inch Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw Review

With its 15 amp powerful motor, you can effortlessly cut tough woods, whether it's your DIY or commercial project. The motor is well optimized with its 10-inch blade that achieves properly finished cuts every time. You will find the blade dig into the woods within a few seconds.

The blade is able to get a torque-speed of 5,000 RPM. So, if you need to crosscut the workpieces, it's not a big deal for this saw.

Even if you have to cut large pieces of wood, the saw can easily tackle such demand. It got an extended flip fence that raises up to four inches to get an accurate cut on large workpieces without much trouble.

To make your cuts more precise, this 10-inch miter saw features a laser marker system. You will find that the laser never misses its mark and delivers you precise cuts. This makes it the most accurate miter saw on the list.

If versatile cutting-ability is what you are looking for, you can put your trust in this tool. Its compound cutting system allows you to achieve great miter angle cuts. 

You can adjust the miter from zero to 52 degrees to get perfect cuts for your crown molding or other projects. If your woodworking tasks require you to get bevel cuts, this saw can also make it happen with its 45 degrees bevel range to the left.

When most conventional ones require the second attempt, you will get perfect bevel cut on the first try regardless of your skill.

The miter saw features an easy to hold comfortable handle that reduces vibration significantly. There is also a dust collector port to make cleaning effortless for you.


  • Powerful motor with excellent torque-speed ensures a smooth cut
  • Ability to perform precise bevel and crosscuts

  • Laser mark system
  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable handle, less vibration
  • Dust collector port
  • Lightweight design


  • Dim laser mark
  • Dust collector isn't much effective

As I said on the previously reviewed saw, Metabo HPT is also known as Hitachi. All their new products got Metabo HPT name on them, and this miter saw is no exception.

Metabo HPT Compound Miter Saw Review

To handle your sawing requirements, this tool is equipped with a 15 amp motor with a torque-speed of 5,000 RPM. So, you will find this saw very powerful even for making miter cuts and crosscuts effortlessly; regular cuts will be easier than before.

Its versatile cutting-ability allows you to achieve accurate and clean bevel cuts from 0 to 45 degrees to the left. More so, you can also adjust its angle range from 0 to 52 degrees to be able to make miter cuts. If your workloads require you to get accurate cuts, you can rely on its cutting precision without a doubt.

To meet your intensity of cutting, you will find its large table very convenient. It allows you to put large materials without much trouble. So, even if you have to deal with larger objects, it got enough space to offer.

In addition to that, it features a vice clamping system that will make sure the object you place is well-secured and doesn't move during operation.

You can quickly make miter adjustments with its thumb actuated positive stops. Having this feature is great when you need to adjust the settings for various types of wood pieces frequently.

Its implemented horizontal-handle makes sure you get a secure hold while cutting woods. Even if you need to work for a prolonged period, you will find the handle much comfortable.

For more convenience, its carbon brush will give you easy access to replace it whenever you need, which contributes to prolonging the overall lifespan of the miter saw.


  • Powerful high torque motor for precise cuts
  • Left adjustment for bevel cuts

  • Handles crosscuts at ease
  • Large table
  • Great tool for general DIY projects
  • Quick miter adjustment


  • Bevels to the left only
  • For light-duty works

Delta Shop Master miter saw is well-known among the woodworkers for its professional standard performance, as well as durability. It comes with useful features that will surely enhance your commercial sawing or DIY projects.

Delta Power Equipment Corporation S26-262L 10

Equipped with a 15 amp powerful motor, this saw is built to perform. With a torque-speed of 5,500 RPM, you will find this machine powerful enough to cut 4x4, 2x6, and 2x6 inches wood pieces effortlessly. To get you more precise cuts, it got an electric brake that immediately stops within a second when you release the trigger.

No matter which miter saw stand you prefer, it will easily adjust to virtually all of them. In addition to that, due to its lightweight design, you can carry this tool easily from one place to another. No need to bring loads of wood pieces to the saw, you can take this miter saw to your work area conveniently.

Laser system is a feature that enhances the cutting precision of miter saws. This miter saw also features a laser to get your cuts conveniently.

As far as the adjustment is concerned, the saw allows you to easily adjust between 0 to 47 degrees for bevel cuts to the left. You can cut 2x6 inches full nominal bevel cuts at ease.

To make the placement of the wood piece secure, it features a spindle locking mechanism that holds the spindle securely once you remove the bade nut.


  • Powerful motor delivers high torque speed
  • Great accurate cuts

  • Adjustable laser dial
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adjustable bevels
  • Works with various saw stands


  • The laser isn't much accurate
  • Overall average construction

If you are looking for a powerful compound miter saw for various cutting purposes, this miter saw from Genesis might be a good option considering what it requires you to pay.

Genesis GMS1015LC 15-Amp 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw Review

Although this machine is insanely low priced, you still get a 15 amp motor to handle most of your applications. The motor is teamed up with a 60 tooth blade that brings excellent finish to your carpentry cuts. You do not need to get an additional blade to get an exceptional finish.

To ensure you get accurate and precise cuts every time, this compound saw features a laser that makes using the saw very convenient. There is an integrated laser guide to let you know how to cut with high precision. The laser runs on two AAA batteries.

In addition to that, the electric brake allows you to stop the blade as soon as the trigger is released so that it doesn't cut deep into wood pieces.

You can conveniently make bevel cuts within a range of 45 degrees from the left. Furthermore, you can also make precise miter cuts up to 45 degrees to both the left and right sides.

Whether your project or professional woodworking requires you to make cuts for crown moldings, picture frames, shadow boxes, etc. you will find the tool very smooth at achieving them.

You can change the blade quickly with its arbor lock mechanism. To hold the material securely, this tool features easy to hold clamp that holds down the workpiece tightly and doesn't let it move regardless of the pressure the saw puts.

The saw feels lightweight and compact that ensures ease of use. For most DIY projects, it's the best 10-inch compound miter saw at this price point.


  • Powerful and versatile compound miter saw
  • Precise laser cutting

  • Smooth crosscuts, bevel, and miter cuts with adjustments
  • Electric brake stops the blade immediately
  • Comes with a handful of accessories
  • Lightweight


  • Not the sturdiest option
  • The laser isn't accurate unless you follow the instructions

The last one on the list is from Metabo, which was formerly known as Hitachi. Within an exciting price point, this 10-inch sliding compound miter saw offers you high sawing power with versatile cutting-ability, numbers of features, and durable construction.

Metabo HPT C10FCG 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw Review

You can rely on this miter saw for your toughest worksite cuttings. With a 15 amp motor at 5,000 RPM of torque-speed, this saw can deliver you smoothest cuts without putting much effort. No matter whether you need to make crosscuts or miter cuts, this tool will efficiently suffice your needs.

For versatile cutting-ability, you can adjust the miter angle between 0 to 52 degrees to both the left and right sides much flexibly. In addition to that, the tool also offers you adjustable bevel cuts up to 45 degrees from the left to get clean and more accurate cuts.

As the saw has a large table, you can comfortably accommodate larger workpieces without hassle. This feature is handy if you have to frequently deal with larger materials. More so, its vice clamping system makes sure the material is well-secured and doesn't move while you cut it.

The miter saw has a comfortable to hold handle that doesn't feel tiring even when you use the machine for a long time. You can conveniently use its thumb actuated positive stops if you need instant adjustments.

You can rest assured about the durability of this product. It also feels lightweight that allows you to easily move it from one place to another without much issue.


  • The motor cuts quite efficiently
  • Versatile cuttings

  • Adjustments for miter and bevel cuts
  • Decent clamping system
  • Lightweight yet durable construction


  • The dust collector isn't good
  • Angle indicator comes inaccurate sometimes

Features to Consider Before Buying

Be sure to check the following key things before buying to make sure your money doesn't go in vain.

Determine Your Needs

Not all craftsmen require to get a high-end miter saw. It's always good to be economical. Therefore, you must consider your needs.

If you are in the contractor business, you must ensure that the miter saw is of the highest grade, there shouldn't be any compromise with the performance. Also, consider its portability issue as well. The lightweight design will allow you to easily transport the machine from one worksite to another.

For regular or occasional DIY projects, you can get a low to the mid-end miter saw.


Depending on the intensity of your work, you must ensure the saw you are getting has the ability to deliver decent power to do the job effectively and efficiently. 

For commercial and professional purposes, your saw blade should go thorough wood pieces as a knife goes through butter; you don't want to struggle on the worksite.

Make sure the saw has at least a 15 amp motor with minimum torque speed of 3,500 RPM; you can go with higher torque-speed if your work requires. This configuration is the minimum if you regularly have to deal with molding, framing, and carpeting jobs.

However, if you are looking for a regular DIY miter saw, you don't need such power. Getting a 14 amp motor will suffice most of your needs without any issue.


Since all the products in this article spot a 10-inch blade, there are other things to consider while choosing a saw blade. Be sure to check how many teeth the blade has, and how's the finish on top. The higher number of the tooth will allow you to cut thicker material pretty easily.

Cutting Ability

One of the reasons why people get miter saw is to make precise cuts at various angles. There are several factors that influence the cutting ability of a miter saw.

Most of the saws on the list above have 'positive stop' feature that allows the blade to cut at different angles. This feature comes very handily when you need to change the blade for multiple cuts. You can transit between cuts effortlessly.

The locking mechanism plays a vital role here. If the blade, as well as the wood piece, aren't firmly locked, you will end up with bad cuts.

Bevel is another thing to consider. It allows you to tilt the saw and rotate the base in order to change the miter angle before the blade goes through the wood. Most models out there only tilt in one direction. If you find this enough for your work, you are good to go. 

But, if your work requires tilting to both the directions, consider getting one that does it to the left and right sides.

Dust Collection

Although this feature doesn't influence the power of the saw, it's a great feature to have in your miter saw. When you cut wood pieces using a miter saw, there will be lots of sawdust that can mess up the area. Having a dust collector handles all sawdust and debris smartly and allows you to easily vacuum the messes up.

If you work in enclosed spaces, make sure your saw comes with this useful feature. It will keep the area neat and clean while saving your time and effort.

Some models come with a hose that blows air; this can create more mess depending on where you are working.


If your work requires more precise and clear cuts, then you need to look for a miter saw that comes with a laser feature. The laser marks the exact area where you want to run through the blade. Some laser systems come with instructions on how to cut accurately.

You can even adjust or move the laser on the wood piece. This allows you to locate exactly where to cut without moving the wood itself.

Ease of Use

You may think that complicated and hard to operate miter saws are powerful. It's not the case in reality. In fact, simpler the saw tool, it's easier to get perfect cut every time. Therefore, don't make things complicated. Look for the necessary features on a miter saw, and you will get great value for the money.

There should be different adjustments so that you can achieve your preferred cuts efficiently. 

You might come in a situation when different materials require a different type of blade; in that case, an easy swappable blade will make things a lot easier for you.

Make sure the handle is comfortable to hold. If you are to use it for a prolonged period, it will make your hand feeling less fatigued. There is an integrated electric brake mechanism included on the handle in many models. Having this mechanism on the handle allows you to quickly stop the blade once you trigger it.


As it's about saws, there is always a chance of getting injured no matter what. Therefore, you must not compromise with safety features. Manufacturers these days implement a number of safety features in their saws.  

Having a saw guard is one of the safety features that covers the blade while not in use and uncovers the blade when you are about to cut any material through.

I have previously mentioned the 'electric brakes' feature that serves your safety purpose as well. When things go wrong, or in case of an emergency, you can stop the blade within just 2 seconds. It reverses the flow of electricity and puts a brake on the blade.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's the difference between compound and sliding compound miter saws?

    A compound miter saw allows you to make angular cuts using its pivot blade that rotates from right to left. You can also make perfect beveled cuts with such a saw. On the other hand, a sliding compound miter saw has the ability to move or slide the wood that you want to cut. So, it's possible to cut longer wood or board using a sliding miter saw.
  1. Why do I need a miter saw?
    You can make quick and accurate cuts using a miter saw as the tool allows you to cut at different angles. When you need to cut wood pieces for molding, frames, carpenter, etc. it's necessary to make crosscut and bevel cuts. A miter saw comes very efficiently at achieving such woodworking purposes.
  1. Should I buy a miter saw or table saw?
  2. These saws serve different purposes. Table saws are for larger materials to make longer cuts. Although you can make bevel and angular cuts using this saw; but, there is no assurance of getting precise and accurate cuts. 
    As far as miter saws go, you can get more precise crosscuts, bevel, and angular cuts on narrower wood pieces at a much faster speed than what it requires when you use a table saw.   
    If you cannot afford both, a table saw can somehow manage to get the work done for you. But, again, you cannot achieve perfect cuts.
  1. Which one should I get for crosscuts?
    If it's about making crosscuts on a sheet of plywood or larger wood pieces, a table saw would be the ideal option. But, if you primarily have to make crosscuts for molding, picture frame, and carpentry, nothing stands against a miter saw's efficiency and accuracy.
  1. How big of a board can a 10-inches sliding miter saw cut?

    The best 10 inches sliding miter saw can easily handle 2x6 pieces of lumber. You can make angular cuts on 5.5 inches board. Furthermore, the saw makes 2x4 inches cuts at a 45 degree effortlessly. For plywood, it can make 2 inches deep cut without any issue.

Final Words

You will find the best 10 inch miter saw 2021 from the list regardless of the working requirements.

Don't get confused between a traditional miter saw, compound miter saw, and sliding miter saw. For cutting at different angles to both left and right sides, go for a compound one. If you need to cut longer wood pieces, a sliding miter saw is preferable.

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