Best 12 Inch Miter Saw 2021 : Buying guide and review

When you need angle cuts for woodcutting projects, it’s obvious that you will look for a miter saw that comes with the best of features. A miter saw is a great tool that is usually used to cut for a picture frame, crown molding, window casing, and others, which you can’t make with a regular saw.

Usually, miter saws come in different sizes and shapes, but the most demanding category is 12-inch miter saws. Finding a suitable one for your kind of job is challenging enough. So, we have come up with top 5 - best 12 inch miter saw in 2021 reviews and buying guide for your ease to choose the right one.

Benefits of a Miter Saw

Why would someone choose a miter saw rather than other regular saws available in the market? Well, as a handyman, you must know it better, that a miter saw is an essential tool for your workshop. Molding cutters, artisans, floor making companies can’t even think of their work without miter saws.

Simple to Use

As a miter saw comes with a manual, anyone can use it easily without any prior experience. You will be able to cut building materials within a short amount of time by using a miter saw. It will save your time as it generates wider cuts faster than other regular saws.

No Extra Tools Needed

To make angle cuts, other regular saws need extra tools, but with miter saws, you don’t need to worry about something extra. If you are using a miter saw, you will also have a better quality of cuts compared to other ones. With its high-quality blades, a miter saw cuts all the materials with sleekness.

Precision Cuts

Another amazing benefit of a miter saw is precision. It also provides a locking feature that helps you cut ideal angles. To be more specific, a miter saw is easy to use, it saves time, and you will get angle cuts very precised and accurate.

Best 12 Inch Miter Saw 2021

NameBrandPrice RangeBest Deals
Metabo HPT 12 Inch Compound Miter SawMetabo$$$
Skill 3821-01 12 Inch Compound Miter SawSKILSAW$$$
WEN MM1214 Compound Sliding Miter SawWEN$$$
CHICAGO ELECTRIC 12 inches Compound Miter SawDEWALT$$$
CHICAGO ELECTRIC NEW 12 Inches Sliding Compound Miter SawChicago Electric$$$
Best 12 Inch Miter Saw

Following miter saws are one of the top-rated products in terms of durability, performance, precision, and features.

This particular miter saw was previously known as Hitachi Power Tools. Metabo HPT is a dual compound miter saw which comes with 15 Amp motor and 1950 W power output to go through hardwoods with ease. It has a dual bevel feature with an exclusive laser marker system to cut with accuracy.

The saw features a laser system that directs the blade with much precision that results in accurate cuts. It can also be adjusted left to right according to your preferences. For broad cuts, you can adjust the bevel scale between 0-48 degrees and the miter scale between 0-52 degrees in both the directions.

Most probably, you wouldn’t like it if the miter saw vibrates too much while working. Its horizontal handle got elastomer compound coating that reduces vibration, giving you comfort and prevents slippage. Because of its large base, your material will get enough support, and you will be able to balance it properly to avoid material warping.

It comes with a tall aluminum made pivoting fence of 5 1/8 inches of height. You can conveniently cut crown molding vertically without much trouble. Though it is not light in weight, it is well designed. If you are thinking about durability, the saw will easily last you years.

When it comes to performance, precision, and accurate cuts, plenty of power, a wide range of miter and bevel scales, vibration control, and large ripping capacity with safe fence system, then you can consider Metabo HTP as one of the best 12 inch compound miter saws to get.

That’s the reason we have taken it as our first pick.


  • Laser marker helps to get exact cuts
  • Vibration control gives enough comfort

  • Pivoting Aluminum fence allows precise crown molding
  • Durable enough to go for a long time


  • Trigger handle thumb button is a bit smaller
  • No onboard storage

This particular miter saw a from ‘Skill’ is a 12 inch quick-mount computer saw that also comes with laser cut technology. It is powered by a 15 amp motor that has the ability to produce up to 4500 RPM of torque speed.

You can easily assume that this device will give you the ultimate power to cut through with precision on your wood materials.

However, the speed of the motor is easily adjustable. So, it will give you precise and accurate cuts on both hard and soft materials by increasing and decreasing the motor speed. Along with cutting pipe and plastics, this saw suits best to cut through lumber.

When you are making angle cuts, this compound miter saw will help you with its 9 positive stops for setting common miter angles. These stops are provided on both left and right, and you can set the blade from 0-47 degrees. This will allow you to have precise cuts quickly as you can adjust the saw easily.

This compound miter saw has a table extension feature that will provide you enough storage, especially while working on larger workpieces. With the quick-mount system, you can take advantage of it to install on SKILL miter saw stand. To keep your workplace clean, it comes with an effective dust bag to collect dust.

If you are thinking about its portability, then you need to know that it weighs 51.6 pounds. To help you to move it here and there, it comes with a toolbox that has integrated carrying handles. Along with all these exciting features, this one is the best budget sliding miter saw on the list.


  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with laser guide

  • Dust bag feature
  • High-quality motor and stable enough


  • Adjusting the tilt to zero might be difficult for some users

If you are looking for a compact sliding compound miter saw with dual bevels, then you won’t go wrong choosing this one from WEN. Its efficient 15 amp motor with 4500 RPM torque-speed cuts through hardwood effortlessly. It can cut plywood and boards up to 3 ½ inches deep and 12 inches wide.

This miter saw bevels and miters up to 45 degrees in both directions featuring 9 miter stops. However, for more angle cuts, you can lock the saw at whatever angle you want between the stops. This package also features 7 1/2 inches of crown molding nested capacity with 6 ¾ inches of base board vertical capacity.

If you consider a powerful saw blade into account while choosing a miter saw, then this one offers you a 12 inch 60 tooth strong carbide blade. For better storage facilities, it provides two retractable table extensions with work stops — moreover, one clamp assembler, class 2 laser-like features that make it an attractive choice.

Most of the 12 inch miter saws come with laser-cut technology, and this one is of no difference. Along with this laser feature, it also has an LED work light for maximum clarity and precision.

Its onboard laser helps you to make precise marks on wood to achieve ultimate accuracy. Furthermore, the LED light brightens your work area.

There is a dust port in it that allows you to keep your workplace clean either through a dust bag or whatever dust collecting device you prefer to use.


  • Powerful motor helps to cut the hardest materials
  • Laser and LED make accurate cuts easy

  • Necessary table extensions
  • Dust port helps to keep the workplace clean


  • Miter and bevel markings are made of paper stickers which can peel off early

This one from Chicago Electronic Saw was specially designed to make accurate, smooth cuts on relatively larger work materials. With its 15 Amp motor and 3800 RPM maximum speed, this saw makes precision cross, bevel, and miter cuts.

In this package from Chicago Electric, this saw comes with a trigger-activated laser guide system. This special feature helps to cut wood materials precisely. With its 12 inches blade, you can even cut thicker wood pieces with ease.

For stability, smooth, and precise cuts, it has dual linear side rails and bevel 45 degrees on both left and right sides.

Furthermore, for a smooth, precise cut along with safety, it is always important to have a feature like strong rip fence. This compound miter saw has a machined rip fence made of aluminum along with extension bars. With the rip fence, you can easily cut picture frames with mitered corners without any major adjustment to the tool.

It also offers you table clamp and cord storage to make your work much easier. To keep your workplace clean, while other miter saws are coming with just dust port features, this one is a bit different in this case. It has a dust bag through which you can easily collect and remove dust and continue working without any hassle.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a best-rated miter saw that includes handy features like- laser guide, machined aluminum fence, extension bars, cord storage, table clamp, and dust bag, then this one can be your best pick.


  • Trigger activated laser guide system helps to cut with accuracy
  • Machined aluminum fence allows to cut picture frame easily

  • Dust bag, extension bars


  • The blade is less powerful compared to other options

This new version from Chicago Electric is slightly different than the previous one. Though they have similarities regarding lots of features, this new update has some unique advancement. You can easily get smooth and accurate cuts even in larger boards of 12 inches.

Like other options, it has a 15 Amp motor that makes precise crosscuts. It also makes miter cut and bevel cut much accurately. There are dual linear slide rails in it that ensure smooth and precise cuts with stability. Additionally, it also offers you to bevel 45 degree left and right sides.

The miter saw features a laser system that allows you to mark exactly where you want to cut and provides precise cuttings every time. This one is not that heavy like other options weighing just 52 pounds.

This edition is specially made for trimming crown molding. It comes with extension bars that give you a big work surface to lay your materials to cut.

If you are concerned about the speed then, it has 3800 RPM maximum speed. Again, a machined aluminum fence is there for better trim molding. Table clamp and cord storage hooks give you extra benefit in a miter saw. This one also comes with these two features.

You might be thinking – what’s the difference between this one and the previous one from the same brand? Well In this one, adapter and separate blade option are two exceptions that you will find handy enough. To collect the dust, it gives you a dust bag facility like the previous one. 

All these features make it an advanced 12 inch compound sliding miter saw.


  • Comes with laser guidance for accurate cuts
  • Adapter and separate blade option

  • Effective tool for trim molding


  • Laser needs cleaning after every cut

What to Look for Before Buying?

Surely, you won’t prefer to invest your money to purchase the wrong equipment. So, while buying a 12 inch miter saw, you need to consider several key factors. Hopefully, you will have a clear idea after reading this about what to look for before buying a 12 inch miter saw.


Who doesn’t want their equipment to be durable enough? Durability is surely an important factor to consider because you won’t like to change the saw time to time. So, if a saw is not durable enough, then it simply isn’t worth the money you invest. For bigger projects and long continuation, durability is must needed.

What makes a miter saw durable? Well, the motor, fence system, build material all these things need to be checked before you decide to buy one. There are lots of options available on the market with an attractive design and exceptional features, but durability is what you must have.

Ease of Use

With technological advancement in every sector, we always look for ease whatever the equipment is. No matter how durable your miter saw is, if it’s not easy and hassle-free to use, then you will be disappointed for sure. Some miter saw come with excellent features, but they lack easy handling.

In your case, if it takes a pretty long time to learn how to use it and maneuver it for the desired project, then it isn’t worth your money. To understand whether your miter saw is easy to use or not, make sure you check the manual guide and choose the brand that is well known for its easy handling feature.


When you are working on wooden materials, you must need accurate cuts. Without accuracy, you can’t really make the desired project successful. So, it’s an important  matter of fact that how accurate cuts your miter saw can deliver. If a miter saw can’t really offer you accuracy and precision, then it simply can’t be your choice.

You definitely need a working tool that can cut efficiently and swiftly with its ultimate accuracy. The setup system of the blade, bevel, and miter along with laser need to be checked when you look for accuracy in a miter saw. If your saw lacks precision, your project might look crooked or won’t feel right.

Cutting Capacity

A miter saw is usually used for cutting things that are comparatively larger than most of the other table saws can deliver. So, it is also a matter of concern whether your miter saw is able to cut larger wood pieces or not. If the capacity is too small or ineffectual, then definitely it shouldn’t be your choice.

You need to check the saw size, extension bars, and fence system to understand how much wide range it has to offer you. Flexibility is an important option because even if you don’t need to cut larger work materials; for instance, you will still have the option for a sudden future need to work for bigger projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the laser guide system necessary in a miter saw?

    Yes, the laser guide system helps you to focus on the exact cut line. So, while cutting the material, you don’t need to worry about accuracy.
  1. Which one is the best sliding miter saw for angled cuts?
    All of the above-mentioned miter saws are capable of providing angle cuts. Metabo HPT, Chicago Electric, Wen, Skill all these miter saws brands are well known for their angle cutting facility.
  1. Why is machined aluminum fence important?
    It is important because it gives you ease to cut your material without any major adjustment to the tool. Again, you need it for picture framing, trim molding, and so on.
  1. Why are double bevels needed in a miter saw?
    It is an important part of a miter saw because dual linear side rails and bevel 45 degrees left or right to give you stability, smooth, and precise cuts.
  1. Do I need to clean the dust bag after every single cut?
    Some of the miter saws offer you a poor dust bag system because of which you might need to clean the dust after every single cut.

Final Words

In this competitive market of miter saws, it is hard to find out the best option for your kind of job. If you are looking for the best 12 inch miter saw in 2021, then you must consider the build quality, accuracy, cutting capacity, and ease of use for sure. So, hopefully, our review might help you in this case.

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