Best Commuter Bike Tires 2020: Buying Guide & Review

Most of people commute in daily basis, it is a good way to get to work, or at school. It is the fastest way to get to your destination, also a good exercise. Most people start their days with a smile in their face since they wake up with the thought of riding their bike and the thoughts of your problems vanish in the riding process, but little do they think about the tires which help them commute and get to the desired location.

 Choosing the right tires for your bike will impact, the speed, comfort and your safety when riding. Before I list some of the best commute tires you can purchase for your daily commute let’s take a look one how to choose a tire and what makes it better or worse.
The terrain you cover with your bike is an important factor on the tire choice you are going to make. Is it an asphalt or a rough terrain? Is it a long way to your destination or a short one? Think about this before going to tire types. 

Best Commuter Bike Tires

NameBrandPrice RangeBest Deals
WTB Slick Comp Hybrid City Bike TireWTB$$
Continental Super sport Plus Bik​​​​​e TireContinental$$
Kenda Tires Kwest Com​​​​muter TiresKenda$$
Kenda K-193 Kwest Commuter Wire Bead SRC/PRC Bike TireKenda$$
Kenda Tires Kwest Commuter TireKenda$$
best commuter bike tiers

If your road is a normal asphalt street, then what you need are training road tires and resistance. These tires are made for all types of weather and also very sustainable and durable. The frame of the tire is kind of limited in this type, but still you can go as wide as you will find it comfortable.
Other type is touring tires, which are made for long distances, and obviously durability is their strong point.

If you are not sure for neither of the types listed above, then your choice should be urban tires. This type is designed to be thinner and lighter, which will make you move faster. Another type which may be in your interest is cyclocross tires, which are designed for dirt and rough roads.

Tyre types

Before we go ahead and list out the best commuter tires, let’s list three types of bike tires.

  • The first one is Clincher, this are the most common ones, every new bike has this on. Almost all commuters use this type of tires, or when they don’t have information about tires. Clincher tire come with a tube which is placed incised the tire and between the tire and the rim.
  • The second type is tubeless, this type is used mostly on the mountain for long distances. The reason that is called tubeless is that there is no tube in it. There is only the tire which is made together with the rim and the wheel. Keep in mind that when using tubeless tires, you will need to ask or have a compatible wheel for it.
  • The third and last type is tubular. Tubular is a very popular type of tire, at least for those who have a lot information on the bikes and also ride a lot, also long distances. When talking about commuting tubular tires are not a good choice, but still they are one of the tire types and that’s why we have them here.
    Let’s get down to business:

Here is a list of best commuter bike tire that you can buy off amazon to use in your bike to make it safer and faster:


 WTB Slick Computer tier

It is a very good-looking tire, which not also will make you very comfortable when commuting, but also it will last long and make your daily rides more enjoyable. It is enough thick to absorb the bumps that you can find in the streets and also has a very good performance. It will help not only in the performance, but it doesn’t even look bad and also you can find it even for mountain bikes which will make it even better. Even if the terrain is wet, it will still work pretty well. When your bike doesn’t have suspensions tires like this are needed in order to suck up the bumps on the way.


Continental Supersport Plus Bike Tire

Under the urban type of tires as we explained above, you can find Continental Super Sport Bike Tire, which for those commuters out there is the best you can get. I am sure a lot of you end up using training tires in a racing bike, or the other way around. Now this type is a high-quality tire, and Continental states that these tires are impossible to be penetrated, because of their anti-puncture belt.
For you commuters, this type of tire is a very good one, for a very affordable price on the internet, which you can get via


Kenda Tires Kwest Commuter/Urban/Hybrid Bicycle Tires

The perfect commuter tire, designed with smooth rounded tread with larger water dispersion grooves. If your daily routine it riding on the city streets and country trails, this type of tire will fit both very well. It weighs about 515 grams and can fit both rear and front without any problem.


Kenda kwest k193 Tire

These types of tires work good in road terrain and grass or rough one. You will find tires of any sizes on this type. This type is a real mix of durability, long distance sustainability and rolling resistance. If you are a commuter these tires, will fit you best, are applicable both in front and rear.


Kenda Tires Kwest Commuter/Folding/Recumbent Bicycle Tire

Not all tires are for good weather or can be adopted to many types of weather conditions. This one is the best for wet conditions, if you live and commute every day in a place where raining is normal and daily, this are probably the best tires you can buy and use for your bike. Very sustainable, well designed, high durability and can help you in the long-distance rides.

Bottom Line.

When listing commuter bike tires, you have to check many factors, which will rank these like we did above. Tires come in different, shapes, forms, usages and brands and this makes it kind of hard, but for all of you commuters out there, this list will help you choose and get the best of performance out of your bike and make your daily ride better and more comfortable, as also more secure.

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