Top 10 Best Reamp Box 2022

Best Reamp Box
1Radial Engineering ProRMP Studio Re-Amper Passive Re-Amping Direct Box9.8Check Price on Amazon
2Radial ProRMP 1-channel Passive Re-Amping Device Direct Box with 18.6ft Instrument Cable9.8Check Price on Amazon
3TC-Helicon Vocal Effects Processor (GOXLR)9.6Check Price on Amazon
4Soyuz Microphones Launcher - Analog In-Line Microphone Preamp and Activator for Dynamic and Ribbon Mics9.6Check Price on Amazon
5Palmer Signal Direct Box (PDACCAPO)9.4Check Price on Amazon
6Radial EXTC Stereo 2-channel Active Re-amping Device9.4Check Price on Amazon
7Radial J48 MK2 48V Phantom Power Active Direct Box9Check Price on Amazon
8Radial Engineering R8001028 X-Amp Active Re-Amplifier8.6Check Price on Amazon
9Radial EXTC-SA Stand Alone Guitar Effects Interface8.4Check Price on Amazon
10Radial Engineering Reamp JCR Passive Reamper8.2Check Price on Amazon

1. Radial Engineering ProRMP Studio Re-Amper Passive Re-Amping Direct Box

  • The process is often used on guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, and even voice to create new textures.

2. Radial ProRMP 1-channel Passive Re-Amping Device Direct Box with 18.6ft Instrument Cable

  • Play prerecorded tracks through amps and pedals
  • Opens the door to creative new tones and textures
  • Eliminates repetitive playing during recording
  • Onboard level control for fine tuning the gain

3. TC-Helicon Vocal Effects Processor (GOXLR)

  • Multi-channel mixer: Motorized faders let you control mic, game, music, chat, and more for the perfect Broadcast mix.
  • Studio quality MIDAS preamp: Make your XLR mic sound great with 48V phantom power, equalizer, compressor, limiter, de-esser, and Gate.
  • Sampler: Record samples on-the-fly or load your own audio files to engage and entertain your community.
  • Voice FX: Add reverb, echo, pitch shift, megaphone, Robot, and hard tune to your voice in real time
  • GOXLR app: You’re in control with basic and advanced audio parameters, sample import, and voice FX preset library.

4. Soyuz Microphones Launcher – Analog In-Line Microphone Preamp and Activator for Dynamic and Ribbon Mics

  • MAGIC LITTLE BOX – The Launcher is not meant to be transparent and clean like other “gain boosters” and audio amplifiers on the market.
  • DREAM IN COLOR – Whether on the stage, in the booth, or in your bedroom, the Launcher is plug and play and gives your dynamic and ribbon microphones the ability to perform incredibly with virtually any interface or preamp by optimizing the sound of your source, boosting your gain by 26dB, and lowering the amount of audible noise in your signal chain.
  • COUNTDOWN TO THE PERFECT SOUND – The Launcher is the culmination of years of beta testing and feedback from musicians and engineers around the world.
  • TAKE YOUR SOUND WITH YOU – If you have a passion for recording music, producing podcasts, or just love creating, the Launcher will take your sound to the next level.
  • HANDMADE & ORIGINAL DESIGN – Each Launcher is individually handcrafted in our own facility to give that old school, magic sound to your recordings using only a common dynamic or ribbon mic and an ordinary interface.

5. Palmer Signal Direct Box (PDACCAPO)

  • Professional Guitar Reamp Box
  • Takes care of all impedance matching issues
  • Eliminates ground loop humming
  • Expand your recorded guitar tones with a professional studio technique

6. Radial EXTC Stereo 2-channel Active Re-amping Device

  • Active Stereo Re-amping Device with Variable Output Stereo Effects Loop

7. Radial J48 MK2 48V Phantom Power Active Direct Box

  • Active 48-Volt phantom powered direct box -15dB pad 180 degree polarity reverse Merge function to mix 2 signals to mono 80Hz high-pass rumble filter Ground lift Welded I-beam construction Minimal power draw with high rail voltage Will not choke when driven hard Low intermodulation distortion.
  • The J48 is capable of peak transients to 9 volts without choking
  • The result is lower harmonic distortion, half the inter-modulation distortion and significantly improved dynamics over other DIs.
  • Features include a -15dB pad, 180° polarity reverse, a unique merge function to mix two signals to mono, an 80Hz high-pass rumble filter, and ground lift.
  • It’s built to handle the abuse on the road and features a unique welded I-beam construction

8. Radial Engineering R8001028 X-Amp Active Re-Amplifier

  • Active Re-amplifier with two outputs
  • 100% discrete Class-A signal path
  • Isolated transformer to eliminate noise

9. Radial EXTC-SA Stand Alone Guitar Effects Interface

  • Balanced interface for guitar effects pedals
  • Separate send & receive controls optimize signal path
  • Transformer isolation helps eliminate ground loops
  • Creative tool helps your mix stand out from the rest

10. Radial Engineering Reamp JCR Passive Reamper

  • 1/4″” TRS / XLR inputs”
  • Rugged steel construction
  • 180 degree phase invert
  • Three-way filter
  • Ground lift

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