Top 10 Best Rectifier Tube 2022

Best Rectifier Tube
1Sovtek 5AR4 SOV Rectifier Vacuum Tube9.6Check Price on Amazon
21 PC PSVANE 274B Rectifier Vacuum Tube replace WE274B 5U4G U52 BRAND NEW9.4Check Price on Amazon
3JJ GZ34 / 5AR4 Vacuum Tube9.4Check Price on Amazon
4Genalex Gold Lion GZ34/U77 Rectifier Tube9.2Check Price on Amazon
5JJ Electronics Amplifier Tube (T-5Y3-S-JJ)9Check Price on Amazon
6Yellow Jacket Solid State Tube Rectifier9Check Price on Amazon
7Fender GT-5AR4 Rectifier Amplifier Tube8.6Check Price on Amazon
8Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Tube Set8.4Check Price on Amazon
95AR4 - Tung-Sol8.2Check Price on Amazon
10Groove Tubes Gold Series GT-5U4 Rectifier Tube8.2Check Price on Amazon

1. Sovtek 5AR4 SOV Rectifier Vacuum Tube

  • Fast rise, full wave rectifier
  • Excellent choice for both Hifi and instrument amplification.
  • Single tube
  • GZ34 equivalent

2. 1 PC PSVANE 274B Rectifier Vacuum Tube replace WE274B 5U4G U52 BRAND NEW

  • 1 piece 274B Factory Tested.
  • Official launch 100% brand NEW in original box.
  • Quantity: 1
  • Package Included:1 pc×Psvane 274B Vacuum Tubes in original box

3. JJ GZ34 / 5AR4 Vacuum Tube

  • JJ Electronics 5AR4
  • Also known as an GZ34
  • Octal rectifier tube
  • Max DC output current = 250 mA)

4. Genalex Gold Lion GZ34/U77 Rectifier Tube

5. JJ Electronics Amplifier Tube (T-5Y3-S-JJ)

  • JJ Electronics 5Y3
  • Rectifier
  • Spiral Filament RoHS Compliant

6. Yellow Jacket Solid State Tube Rectifier

  • Converts most audio amplifiers which use a vacuum tube rectifier 5AR4/GZ34, 5U4 or 5Y3 to a solid state device.
  • Safe for all common amplifiers and transformers.
  • The YJR is a direct plug-in replacement adapter for use in most amplifiers that use 5AR4/GZ34, 5U4, 5Y3 or similar full-wave rectifier tubes.
  • The YJR converts your amp’s vacuum tube rectifier to a solid state rectifier, reducing tube sag for a tighter sound and feel.
  • The tube rectifier can easily be swapped back in when sag is desired

7. Fender GT-5AR4 Rectifier Amplifier Tube

  • High-output rectifier tube
  • Certified for high performance
  • Warranty Included
  • Specifically designed and tested for musical instrument amplification applications as noted

8. Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Tube Set

  • 5)T-12AX7-S-JJ
  • 2)T-5U4GB-JJ
  • 1)T-6L6GC-JJ-MQ (Apex Matched), which contains (4) T-6L6GC-JJ

9. 5AR4 – Tung-Sol

  • Low internal voltage drop & controlled heater warm up time
  • Excellent choice for both Hifi and instrument amplification
  • Replacement/upgrade for all 5AR4/GZ34 types
  • Tung Sol 5AR4 rectifier tube
  • Made in Russia

10. Groove Tubes Gold Series GT-5U4 Rectifier Tube

  • The Groove Tubes GT5U4″GZ32 rectifier tube is commonly found in many medium powered amplifiers such as the Fender Blackface amps.
  • The Gold Series GT-5U4 is the factory selected rectifier for the Mesa Dual and Triple rectifier series.
  • Common to medium powered amps like the earlier Fender Super Reverbs and Bandmasters
  • May be used to replace a 5Y3 for improved dynamics and power.
  • Groove Tubes recommends this procedure as a stability enhancer, if you can live with the slightly lower power.

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