Best Table Saw Under 300 : Buying Guide and Review 2021

If you regularly have to deal with larger wood pieces, using a regular saw will not bring you efficient outcomes. Getting a table saw for this purpose will enhance your woodworking experience. As there are multiple options available in the market, it's hard to choose the right one for your kind of job.

Thankfully, there are beginner level table saws that perform great while having decent construction quality. To make things easier for you we've made a list of best table saw under 300 of 2021 that are currently available on the market. 

All our picks are under 300, which means you don't need to worry too much to get the desired saw you need!

Best Table Saw Under 300

NameBrandPrice RangeBest Deals
Bosch GTS1031 Table SawBosch$$$
SKIL 3410-02 Table SawSKILSAW$$$
DEWALT 745 Table SawDEWALT$$$
Norse TS10 9683412 Table SaNorse$$$
Best Table Saw Under 300

Here we have reviewed some of the highly recommended table saws regarding their durability, safety, budget-friendliness, and quality.

For small and medium-sized projects, DEWALT DW745S can be your best choice because of its lightweight, simple dust cleaning and portable like features. It is just 45 pounds in weight, so you can have your cuts pretty easily without worrying much while moving it here and there.

DEWALT DW745Se Table Saw Review

24T carbide 10 inches long blade of this saw increases cutting quality and prolongs blade life. It also comes with 20 inches of rip capacity with a portable design in its fence system so that you can simply adjust it while working. Because of this fencing, getting an accurate cut is easy and quick even on larger materials.

While cutting woods, you wouldn't like it if sawdust covers your area, making you uncomfortable. Don't worry; DEWALT DW745S has its dust port for 2-1/2" vacuum hook up to clean it with ease, which reduces the mess around you. Moreover, its 15 Amp at 1850 RPM motor provides high performance in all applications.

One more eye-catching feature of this saw is the steel cage that surrounds the motor. This cage not only protects the motor but also protects from the surface objects if somehow you drop it. That's how it ensures your safety as well.

There are only a few options when going for a table saw under 300$ without compromising the basic performance. If you take DEWALT DW745S as your pick, then most probably, you won't go wrong. Therefore, due to its performance, features, and durability, it can be the best cheap table saw you can get.


  • Light, portable, safe and easy to use
  • Effective for small and medium projects

  • Dust port available to clean the trash easily


  • The stand is short for bigger projects

Another compact size table saw with ultimate portability and mobility you will find on the market is Bosch GTS1031. The compact design of this cutter allows you to bring this anywhere in the jobsite. It is built around a steel base and provides a balanced one-handed carry handle, which makes it tough and durable enough.

Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw GTS1031 with One-Handed Carry Handle review

Bosch never disappoints its customers regarding quality and design. This one is of no difference as it comes with an innovative and smart guard system — modular blade guard. Because of this, you can easily attach or detach it merely in seconds. While cutting woods, the riving knife provides quality control over materials.

Compared to our first pick from DEWALT, this one is a bit heavier, weighing just 52 pounds, though. The 10-inch handy saw has 24 carbide blades for hitting hard on your wood materials. For an ultimate, broad range performance in the jobsite, this table saw provides a 15 Amp, 5000 no-load rpm motor to rely on.

If you are thinking about safety, then an 18-inch square lock rip fence is there for you to move it along the channels located on both ends of the saw. That means you don't need to worry about adjusting it. Still, you will get consistent and smooth cuts. Also, it has onboard storage where you can simply put away your required goods.

Within this budget, if you are looking for quality and durability in a table saw, then Bosch GTS1031 won't disappoint you. This makes it the best affordable table saw on our list.


  • Powerful, lightweight and portable
  • Compact design for small and medium projects

  • Easy-to-adjust rip fence


  • Need to use earplugs as it is noisy

If you are not a person of small projects, rather you want to go for big ones, then SKIL 3410-02 can be your best pick. Though a bit heavy with 67 pounds, this heavy-duty steel table saw is a compact package for those who look for strong, sharp, accurate hit on their wood materials along with stability and portability.

SKIL 3410-02 10-Inch Table Saw Review

Most of the lightweight and portable table saws are flimsy and less stable, but fortunately, that is not the case with this one. It comes with a foldable stand, which makes it portable enough to take it anywhere in your jobsite.

For longer workpieces, you can rely on its cast aluminum table that can be extended from 20-inch x 26-inch to 20-inch x 32-inch. You can also cut through 4x materials with its 3-1/2 inches cut height capacity. The table relies on 15 Amp motor along with 5000 rpm facility, which makes it a surprisingly powerful working tool.

Not to surprise you, but the self-aligning rip fence of this saw will definitely give your eyes some comfort as it helps you to have accurate and consistent cuts. To put away all your necessary tools and attachments, there is large onboard storage as well. So, whenever you need your stuff, they are right next to your hand.

A riving knife on its benchtop saw prevents kickback from happening, and the blade guard also increases safety level while operating the saw. You can attach or detach the guard according to need merely in seconds.

The price, build quality, power, storage, and safety — all these features make it one of the best affordable table saws you will find on the market.


  • Heavy-duty steel build quality makes it stable enough
  • Portable and powerful

  • Cheap, safe and easy to use 


  • It doesn't have a dust collection port

If you are a fan of DEWALT, and our first pick doesn't fulfill your requirement, then we have another amazing option for you from the same brand. Even the model name is quite the same with a slight difference in its quality. It weighs only 22 kg with an optimized footprint, which makes it the most portable table saw in its class.

DEWALT DW745 10-Inch Table Saw Review

This one could be a preferable choice for those who look for handy, portable, dust controlled, and quality output from a table saw. Unlike some other table saws, this one comes with a metal roll cage rather than a plastic base. It protects the saw against jobsite drops and impacts.

ITS 15 Amp motor provides smooth, accurate, and fast cuts. The 10-inch blade is built to deliver up to 3850 RPM efficiently. To hit hard on your wood materials, it comes with 24 teeth saw blades, which you can adjust from 0 to 45 degrees for bevel applications for convenience.

To cut large sheet materials, this table saw has a fence system that provides 20 inches of rip capacity in a portable outfit. Moreover, this table saw from DEWALT offers you a 5-inch dust port which keeps your workplace clean. Though it doesn't have a stand, it provides adjustable rear feet to increase your work efficiency.

This inexpensive table saw is built in a way that it doesn't only serve the need of professionals but also amateurs. Satisfactory price and design make the model worthwhile.


  • Lightweight, portable and safe to use
  • Rip fence is easily adjustable to increase speed and accuracy

  • Easy dust control feature
  • Suitable for small and medium projects


  • The motor is slightly noisy, need to use earplugs
  • Plastic top plate makes it less stable

If your priority is not portability rather power, comparatively larger table space, and good performance, then this one from Norse can be your pick. It comes with a 15 Amp universal motor and 10x24 inches tooth blade. The riving knife system fulfills the need for quick release and quick re-assembly for safety.

Norse TS10 9683412 Table Saw Review

This benchtop table saw comes with a larger stand so that you can effortlessly rip materials. Furthermore, you can extend this table as well as the tabletop to be able to rip 4x8 inches of plywood sheet easily. You will have great support and safety because of the rear table extension.

Another significant feature of this saw is its wide easy-glide fence mechanism. You will find it a lot easier to adjust and be able to align to get more precise cuts. More so, you can conveniently achieve miter, cross, and other cuts as the saw features T-slot miter gauge.

However, when it comes to considering power, this saw has a torque-speed of 4300 RPM. That means, with this powerful motor and blade, you can cut virtually anything. Moreover, this one has an extra feature which other regular table saws lack. You can rotate the saw blade in both directions that will allow you to get angled rip cuts easily.

Once you get the saw, you will find it more than enough to handle your big projects efficiently.


  • Lots of spaces to accommodate larger materials
  • Durable and stable

  • Comes with many safety and accuracy features
  • You can make angled rip cuts


  • Not portable like other options

Features to Consider Before Buying

It always depends on you what you actually want from a particular product. So, in this case of table saw, there are also some key features you have to keep in mind while buying one.


The first key feature you need to consider is the performance of your table saw. If your saw doesn't offer you a powerful, durable motor that will do the job right with accuracy, then you have chosen a wrong one.

No matter how beautifully the saw is designed with portable features, the first thing you need is a good performing motor before anything else. Along with a powerful motor, you also need to check the accuracy. Because, when you are making something of wood, you obviously need accurate cuts, which matters a lot.


Most probably, you wouldn't feel comfortable to work if your table saw is too heavy to move from one place to another. As it isn't likely going to be in a fixed location. So, make sure that the table saw you buy can be packed up easily and taken to your desired location. 

Lightweight table saws are easy to set up, which saves time and energy to continue working for a long time. Though portable table saws are especially for small and medium-size projects, some of them are also usable for comparatively bigger ones.


When you deal with a table saw, know that the blade is just a few inches away from your hands, so you must maintain all safety measures. So, it is needless to say why safety is your key feature to consider. 

You must use pushing sticks when you need to push narrower wood pieces through the blade. It will keep your hands further away from the blade.

Splitters, fence, riving knives, and anti-kickback pawls are some of the noticeable aspects of a table saw when you consider safety. Your safety check should include guards and automatic power outages if something accidentally goes wrong. Before you pay the price, make sure all these safety features are there.


Who doesn't like a tool that lasts long and gives consistent back up according to the need? To understand whether your saw is durable or not, you have to consider the build quality of the motor, rip fence, and metal roll cage base mostly. And don't forget to check the warranty of your saw that comes along with it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which one is the best budget table saw?

    Several brands offer you budget-friendly table saws, but we have listed the best of them in this article, which comes under 300. DEWALT, Bosch, Hitachi, SKILSAW, etc. are some of the reputable table saw manufacturers.
  1. Can I use an extension cord with my table saw?
    Yes, you can use it if the cord is in good shape and condition. Try to use the shortest version of the extension because choosing the wrong cord can damage the motor.
  1. Do I need to lubricate the drive motor of my table saw?
    Most of the table saws have bearings that are permanently sealed and lubricated at the factory, so you wouldn't need to lubricate. Sometimes, you might need to lubricate the pivot points and threaded rods with a dry lubricant.
  1. Do I really need a stand for a table, and when should I use it?
    If you need to cut large sheet materials of wood or plywood, then a table stand is surely needed.
  1. How high should I set the blade to cut wood materials?
    According to experts, the standard height for the blade should be between 1/8 to 3/8 inches above your work material.

Final Words

Finally, hopefully, the article was useful enough for a comparative analysis between table saws that are available in the market. Now, it's your choice to decide which one is the best table saw under 300 of 2021 that is actually applicable for your kind of job regarding portability, performance, safety, and durability.

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