5 Best Table Saw Under 500 – Buying Guide And Review 2021

For both professionals and D.I.Y woodworkers, the table saw is a tool that deals with the toughest wood cutting tasks.

Whether it's for constructing houses, building an aesthetic looking table or chair, building stairs, or any other woodworking, you must cut the larger wood into smaller pieces, and this is where a table saw comes very useful.

When your projects demand you to cut down large pieces of woods with high precision, you have to solely rely on a table saw. No matter what it is, having the best table saw under 500 in 2021 can handle most of your woodworking requirements.

Here is a list of high-end top 5 tables saws to make your cuts effortless and more accurate

Best Table Saw Under 500

NameBrandPrice RangeBest Deals
DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table SawDEWALT$$$
Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 TablesawBosch$$$
DEWALT DW7440RS Rolling Saw Stand with DW745 Compact Table SawDEWALT$$$
DEWALT DCS7485B Flexvolt 60V Max Table SawDEWALT$$$
SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 Inches Portable Worm Drive Table SawSKILSAW$$$
Best Table Saw Under 500

These 5 tools are different than each other in terms of various aspects so that you can find the most suitable one for your intensity of woodworking.

When it's about DEWALT, pretty much all people know how reliable and durable their products are. No matter whether your project requires you to cut hardwood floor, trim carpenters, building deck, or much serious woodworking stuff, you can rely on this 10-inch table saw's cutting performance.

DEWALT DWE7491RS review

Powered by a 15amp motor, this table saw is able to rapidly rip through hardwood without any issue. Its 32 ½ inch ripping capacity allows you to cut a variety of large shelves. If you need to trim the wood, you will find this high power tool performing like a boss as well.

Apart from that, this table saw features patented material support that allows you to use it for narrow rip cuts. Ripping floor boards, moldings, wainscoting, sheet material, framing lumber, cross-cutting, railing, all these tasks seem like a cupcake once you have this in your work area.

If you are concerned about its precision, the tool is able to cut 3 1/8 inches at 90 degrees; 2 ¼ inches at 45 degrees. Despite such a cutting effort, you will find the saw enough stable. Its rolling stand makes setting things up and breaking down the wood a lot easier while ensuring stability as well.

Enough of this cutting and stuffs — let's talk about the other benefits that this tool brings. The thing I like most about this table saw apart from its cutting ability, is that it comes with an onboard storage system. You can organize all necessary cutting related accessories inside it and get easy access whenever you want.

The retractable telescoping fence rails allow you to turn the tool into a small and portable package for convenience. It also features a dust collection port that you can connect with your vacuum to keep the working area neat and clean effortlessly. 

All the above specs and features make it one of the highest-rated table saws on the list.


  • Cuts a wide variety of large shelves
  • Cuts a wide variety of large shelves

  • Easy mobility
  • Powerful motor delivers precise cuts
  • Stable rolling stand
  • Storage drawer
  • Easy to adjust the fence
  • Dust collection port


  • The surface coating doesn't seem that durable
  • Included blade isn't of good quality
  • Terrible miter gauge

To some woodworkers, portability is an issue that influences their purchasing decision. If this is the same case with you, take a look at this table saw from Bosch. It's one of the best portable table saws that allow you to move it effortlessly from one place to another, and also providing the best possible cuts for your projects.

Bosch Power Tools 4100-10 Tablesaw Review

Having a table saw that could handle various types of cuttings is a great advantage over others. This one sports a 15 amp motor that delivers about 4 HP at 3650 RPM. With such power, you can effortlessly take care of ripping, cross-cutting on both fine and rough materials.

The tool got a large aluminum cast top that offers enough space up to 25 inches to make placing the materials easier. Such capacity of ripping can pretty much cover conventional worksite rip cutting requirements without much hassle.

Its SquareLock rip fence delivers precise cuttings while making it very easy to operate with a single hand. You will find this foldable table stable enough to handle intensive cutting.

Conventional table saws can't handle the start-up intensity of the motor that well, which results in tripping circuits breaker. With this one, there will be no such thing. The tool got soft-start circuitry that handles start-up torque and keeps it to the minimum while providing constant speed when the work requires.

As you are dealing with a table saw, there is risk involved if the tool isn't designed concerning safety. Thankfully, the Bosch table saw comes with a smart guard system that has a barrier guard for the blade, riving knife, and anti-kickback pawls to ensure protection.


  • Great portability
  • High power motor for precise cuts

  • Large ripping capacity
  • Smart guard protection
  • Decent miter lock
  • Handles initial torque well and delivers constant power


  • The stand seems to have a flimsy build
  • Feels a bit heavier

For professionals or serious DIYers, getting a perfect combination of both table saw and rolling stand is pretty difficult. You find the saw performs great, but due to the table, it's not using the full potentiality. Or, the table is perfect and stable, but the saw isn't good compared to that.

DEWALT DW7440RS Rolling Saw Review

This combo package from DEWALT presents you with a high-quality table saw with a rolling saw stand to provide you uncompromised wood-ripping experience.

As far as the table saw is concerned, it got a 15 amp motor at 3850 rpm speed to take care of your hardwood effortlessly. You will find the machine quickly rips the wood compared to conventional ones. There are two variants for the motor; 1850 Watt high performing motor and 1300 Watts for the UK only.

To accommodate larger materials, its fence system offers 610 millimeters of rip capacity. You will find the size large enough to handle most worksite requirements. With the 20-inches of rip, you can efficiently cut various large-sized shelving, and also trim materials. You can adjust the blade from 0-45 degrees, depending on the bevel application.

In addition to that, the cast table is designed to ensure you accurate and more precise cuts. Even if the work requires you to rip through wet, frozen, and hardwoods, you will find the machine efficient enough to do the job for you.

You can accurately adjust the bevel lock. Pinion fence and rack make adjusting the fence a lot faster and smoother.

As far as the table saw stand is concerned, it weighs only 33 lbs, which feels pretty lightweight. It actually weighs 20% less compared to other mobile stands. You can operate the table saw without compromising the stability. There is storage for quick access to your accessories.


  • Efficiently rips through various large shelves
  • Easy to adjust fence

  • 610-millimeter ripping capacity
  • Durable metal roll cage
  • Accurate and precise cast table


  • Replacement parts are hard to get and a bit pricey
  • Mounting brackets have some plastic components

Most woodworkers like the cordless operation of battery-powered saw; but, professionals prefer a corded one due to the power. DEWALT used a revolutionary battery that provides you the experience of using a cordless saw while not compromising the performance.


When you change tools, the intensity of power shifts. If you change the tool that requires low power, the saw will automatically change the volt and deliver more or less power depending on the applications that you are dealing with.

This best home table saw provides you with more runtime while not compromising the performance.

To handle loads of work, rip capacity is something that you cannot make any compromise with. DEWALT seems to understand the fact well and came up with this tool that offers you 24 inches rip capacity. You can easily place 4x8 plywood or OSB sheets without any struggle.

The motor is powerful enough to handle most wood ripping. It got all the necessary materials and support for narrow rip cuts as well.

Like high-end table saws, this one also offers you convenient fence adjustments using the rack and telescoping pinion fence. You will find this tool-free adjustment very accurate and smooth.

You might find some high-end table saws having plastic roll cage that lacks the durability of the tool. As it's DEWALT, you are 100% assured about the durability. The roll cage of this table saw is a metal-based material, so, unlike plastic-based ones, there will be no breaking issue whatsoever.

Accidental restarts and power disruption causes much disturbance while you work. This prevents such issues from happening as the saw comes with the 'power-loss-reset' feature — all you need is to ensure that the switch is left ON the entire working period.


  • Battery changes volt while you change tools
  • Efficient battery runtime

  • Maximum power for high-intensity work
  • Large rip capacity
  • Convenient adjustment
  • Durable construction


  • Battery and charger are sold separately
  • No dust collection bag

Last but not least, this is the best affordable table saw on the list. SKILSAW introduces you with the very first brass-gear worm drive table saw that is well-optimized to get you excellent ripping performance regardless of the intensity of your work.

SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw Review

Its 15 amp dual-field motor provides you with maximum cutting power as well as torque. You can rip through woods much faster and efficiently compared to conventional table saws.

Due to its dual field construction, the motor runs cooler even when you continuously cut for an extended period. Therefore, you get consistent performance pretty much every time.

The worm drive gear is paired with 25 inches rip capacity that meets most ripping requirements. Its high performing carbide blade can cut 3 ½ inches deep without compromising with precision and accuracy.

You will also get common accessories such as miter gauge, guard system with anti-kickback device, self-aligning fence, push stick, insert plate, and wrench with this package. There is no need to get third party spear parts and accessories at all.

Construction-wise, the tool feels rigid and pretty solid. It got a durable steel roll cage instead of plastic that is found in cheaper ones. The die-cast aluminum top adds further to the overall durability of this product. A metal made mechanism is used to raise and lower the blade that easily withstands high temperature without breaking apart.

You can conveniently clip the accessories underneath the saw to get easy access to them. To keep the worksite less messy, there is a port for a vacuum to connect that instantly cleans up sawdust while cutting. 

As the saw weighs only about 49 lbs — you will find this tool extremely lightweight and more comfortable to carry from one place to another. Its rubberized padded handle feels very comfortable while you hold the handle for carrying purpose.


  • Efficient running motor stays cool during operation
  • Maximum torque to get fastest and precise cuts

  • 25 inches ripping capacity
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Doesn't come with a stand
  • Adjustments aren't good

What to Look for Before Buying?

As different tools come with different specs, features and differ in terms of performance as well, you must focus on some key aspects that make a table saw perfect for your needs. Not all the table saw you find in the market works the same way. To bring the most out of your money, here are top things to consider –

Motor Power

The ability to rip through differs depending on the type. However, if you are looking for a jobsite table saw, consider getting one that features a 15 Amp motor; this will provide necessary ripping power at only 120V AC power, which is a powerful yet power-efficient option.

However, it's worth keeping in mind that cordless table saws are gaining popularity day by day. If a battery-powered motor is sufficient enough to handle your ripping tasks, you can consider going with one. The DEWALT FLEXVOLT model on the list runs on battery, yet provides the necessary amount of power to handle most tasks.

Drive or Belt-Drive Type

Portable table saws come with direct-drive that includes a universal motor that drives the blade directly. This type produces a lot of power and makes a loud noise while working. At 120V circuits, the motor provides up to 2 HP, which is more than enough for most professionals and DIYers in their worksite.

Belt-drive, on the other hand, is a more powerful motor. The induction motor, as well as the belt power up the blade and allow it to rip. It produces 3 to 5 HP at single-phase, and 5 to 7.5 HP at three-phase.

The circuits need 240V to run it. Belt driven motors run relatively quieter than direct-drive models and come very effective at ripping through dense materials.


Saw blades come with various numbers of teeth, diameter, arbor size, speed, material, application, and size. The efficiency of ripping largely depends on the blade. Therefore, you must consider getting a saw that comes with a good quality blade. Or, you can get a separate blade if the OEM blade doesn't provide good results.

The standard diameter of a table saw blade is 10-inches. A blade of this size will allow you to cut 3 ½ inches deep at 90-degrees. Some models come with 12-inches blade as well.

It might sound strange, but there are 5 inches blades as well. So, depending on what type of work you regularly have to handle, choose a suitable size. Minimum 10 inches is recommended; you can go further too.

As far as the material of the blade is concerned, there are carbide and carbon made blades available on the market. The carbon blade has diamond-tipped teeth for more efficient ripping. Both blades are able to rip through various materials other than just wood.


Motor RPM is also known as blade RPM. Don't fall for higher RPM unless you are certain that you will need such an amount of torque. If you have to work with a cabinet saw or a contractor, you might need to consider the speed.

Most manufacturers set a limit on how much power the motor can provide, and blade speed and torque are well-optimized for different motor.  

If your work mostly has to deal with carpentry related stuffs, go for a table saw with lower RPM. High torque-speed can burn hardwoods while ripping through the wood. Lower torque-speed lowers the chance impressively.


This particular part of the table saw is responsible for showing the wood correct line to get ripped through. A perfectly squared fence makes cutting a lot easier as it is parallel to the blade's edge.  

Other types of saws don't have this fence, so, table saw dominates over others due to the unique advantage that the fence brings. However, there are some variances in fencing quality. Cheaper ones tend to move from the square area while sliding with the table's surface.

A table saw with a reliable fence makes sure the material is appropriately locked down and doesn't move from the position. So, you get precise and straight clean cut every time. Without having a proper fence, it would be impossible to rip through materials.

Most table saws feature T-square fence that is well-known for providing good accuracy as well as convenient usability for the user. There are adjustments options available in most models for proper alignment with the blade. 

Some high-cabinet saw models don't include this traditional fence; instead, you can customize the setup as per the work requires.

Rip Capacity

There should be enough space on both the left and right side of the saw blade. As far as trimming and similar basic works are concerned, around 20-inches of rip capacity will suffice you without much struggle.

However, the standard size is 24-inches. This ripping capacity allows you to do more works. To handle workloads of most jobsite, you will need 24-inches of rip capacity at least, which is half the width of sheet material. 

Therefore, make sure the table saw you are about to get, has at least 24-inches of space to the right side of the saw blade.

Miter Gauge

It's important to hold the material properly to be able to get more precise and angled cut. A miter gauge is what you will need for this to achieve. It's a locking mechanism that holds your material from 45 to -45 degrees.

Usually, miter gauge isn't that much reliable in most cases. Some manufacturers maintain quality while making such a tool. If you have to deal with long miter cuts frequently, you need to pay close attention to this feature as well.


This piece of the tool makes using table saw more effective and efficient. It's actually a shaft that holds the blade. The arbor and the trunnion allow the saw blade to move up and down at various angles. You need to consider its standard size before buying blades. Make sure it's not more than 5/8-inch of the table saw.

Throat Plate

It's often known as a table insert that flushes around the blade to prevent materials from getting inside the blade and arbor area. It's removable and allows you to get access to the blade for removing or adjusting purposes.

The recommendation is to get a narrow plate. It will prevent the material from falling inside the blade and arbor area and lodge the blade. When the blade exits the cut, in many cases, there is tearing on the material. A narrower plate will make sure the material gets proper support for a close cut, and prevent tearing.

Dust Collection

Although it's not a deal-breaking feature that contributes to a table saw's performance, it's highly preferable to have this feature in your tool. Small wood particles, as well as dust, can go into your lungs while working; this is something you cannot overlook even if you don't care much about the cleanness of worksite.

If you work in an occupied place, having a proper dust collector will make cleaning and stuff a lot easier. You can effortlessly connect the vacuum tube and keep the area free of sawdust and tinny materials.

Safety Features

Some safety accessories come with pretty much every modern table saws these days. A riving knife prevents kickback when the material is pinched towards the back of the saw blade.

You should always keep your hands further away from a running blade. A pair of push stick comes really handy to push the material towards the blade without getting your hands close to the blade. 

Using blade guard and anti-kickback pawls might seem disturbing to you. But, trust me, these two accessories can significantly reduce the risk of getting injured.

Also, look for the blade brake feature if you want the blade to stop spinning within minimum time.

If the budget isn't an issue here, you can also consider having a flesh detection feature that drops the blade if there is any strike. It works as a tonic to reduce further injury. However, you will need to pay a significant amount of premium cost for getting such a table saw.

Every year thousands of people are getting injured while working with table saws. So, be sure to check for safety accessories, always use them onsite.

Types of Table Saws

If you have watched a lot of woodworking tutorial videos, you should have noticed they are of different types. There are two types of table saw available in the market. Both these types work nicely in their own work field.

  1. Stationary Table Saws: This type is designed primarily for ripping larger pieces of wood and breaking down sheet plywood. Stationary table saws are equipped with a high-performing motor and heavy-duty internal parts that can handle big projects with great stability while ensuring the accuracy of cuts. If you are a professional woodworker and have a workshop that requires to handle large pieces of wood frequently, consider getting this type of saw to make your woodworking more efficient.
  2. Jobsite Table Saw: 
  3. You will find two different models of jobsite table saws — compact and contractor. Compact saws got a lightweight design, and don't include any wheelbase or stand. This type suits best for home renovation and on the go tasks. Due to its portability, you can easily carry it to one jobsite from another.

    A contractor model, on the other hand, offers you a more extensive ripping capacity. You will get more features as well as a collapsible scissored or wheeled stands attached to the saw.

Safety Tips for Using a Table Saw

The numbers of injuries that occur by saws are countless. Therefore, you must make safety your first priority once you decide to use any saw type. Here are some safety tips to follow before you use a table saw –


No matter what type of saw you use, wearing safety goggles is a must. It will protect your eyes from dust and debris that comes out of the material while sawing.

Ear Protection

Saws create a very loud sound, which is not soothing to your ears. Even if you get the most expensive and high-end saw, there will still be a considerable amount of noise that comes out of the machine. Spending a long time in such a loud environment can be dangerous and cause severe issues to your eardrums.

Therefore, make sure you always wear a pair of ear protection to protect your hearing ability.


Although gloves can't protect your hands from the blade, it will still keep your skin safe from sharp flying debris as well as lose workpieces. Don't underestimate the importance of wearing gloves; if you have any skin issue, there will be severe consequences.

Clearance Inserts

It's a piece of wood that fits between the fence and the saw blade. When the workload requires you to rip thin boards, you must use an insert that will keep the fingers further away from the blade.

Blade Guard

This accessory prevents debris from kicking back and also protects your finger from touching the blade accidentally. If your table saw doesn't come with a blade guard, then consider buying one separately. Running this type of saw without the guard is dangerous.

Push Sticks

When you try to rip off small pieces of woods, there is a high chance of touching the blade with hands as you push the piece forward. A push stick is a handy tool that allows you to push the piece forward while keeping your hands far away from the saw blade. Don't attempt to cut narrower wood without using these sticks.

Emergency Button

In case of anything unusual, consider pushing the emergency button. You can do so even when the material kicks back

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much rip capacity do I need on a table saw?

    For framing contractor, a table saw with 24 inches of rip capacity is recommended as OSB sheets measure 4x8 feet long, which requires at least 24 inches of rip size to be able to rip through. As far as typical woodworking is concerned, 22 inches of rip size is enough.
  1. How much horsepower do I need for a table saw?

    2 HP is enough for most applications. However, if it's for cabinet saw, you might choose a motor between 2HP to 5HP depending on the intensity of your work.
  1. What side should the fence be on a table saw?

    Most people prefer placing the fence on the right side of the table saw. However, if you are a left-handed person and find it comfortable to work if the fence is placed on the left, there is no problem regarding it at all.
  1. Is 1.7 HP enough for a table saw?

    For basic woodworking and DIY purposes, 1.7 HP will suffice the needs. If you want a table saw for commercial and frequent use, consider getting at least a 2 HP machine.
  1. What is a sliding table saw used for?

    The sliding table saw is also known as a European cabinet saw, which is one of the variants of the traditional cabinet saw. This type of table saw is used for cutting large sheets and panels such as MDF or plywood.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article was able to deliver all the necessary information you need to get the best table saw under 500 Of 2021. No matter which one you get, make sure you always wear goggles, ear protection, use push sticks, and use other safety tools and equipment to prevent injuries.

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