Can a Miter Saw Cut Metal?

Can a miter saw cut metal? Has this question ever come to your mind?

If it has, the answer is yes, it can, only if you come up with an appropriate blade to chop the metal chunks.

However, it doesn't need a further justification to prove that the process of metal trimming or cutting requires adequate speculation and knowing the hacks of getting better maneuverability.

So, the question that is swirling in your head is probably, how can I get the ideal blade, and how am I supposed to cut metal?

Rejoice! I have the answers lined up for you. Read on.

What You Need to Know

So a miter saw is strategically crafted to trim large or small batches of woodblocks. For instance, you can take 10-inch miter saw that can use a vast range of blades with any material and cut 6 inches of wood religiously.

On the other hand, with larger miter saws and blades, you can cut large wood blocks in a matter of seconds.

The point being, a miter saw is supposed to cut wood, not metal. And the estimation of the working process and cutting efficiencies of a miter saw is possible when you are talking about wood.

But when it comes to cut metal, you may not get the expected outcomes, or the invested labor may not feel worthwhile. Because you are gonna need either a blade with a triple chip grind or a carbide blade to cut metal with precision and accuracy. And the only metal you can work with is steel, copper, and aluminum.

Can a Miter Saw Cut Metal – Explained!

Can a Miter Saw Cut Metal

The possibilities of getting precise, smooth, and quicker cuts are there! Yet, before bumping into demonstrating professional metal cuts without past experience, make sure you work with personal DIY projects beforehand!

Also, predicting that your miter saw will cut all the metal with its swift motor power will be a stance of foolishness because the drill with metal cuts and saws that are used for cutting metals are opposite. Metal cutting requires relatively slower and cooler blades, which are also capable of preventing sparks and anti-heat absorbent.

On the other hand, miter saws are faster, tend to process heat rapidly, and throws a series of constant sparks when cutting wood. 

So, cutting metal with a miter saw begs for a slower, cooler, and spark-free performance. If you manage to get a hot blade with a cold performing miter saw, you can get a smooth finishing cut with less wood excess inside the saw bed.

Determining the Appropriate Blade for Cutting Metal

First thing’s first, let me tell you that if you are being an optimist here and believing that miter saws are the right tool for chopping off metal, then you are wrong.

It's not the ideal tool, but it can cut the metal with a substantial edition of the blade with a coolant motor system and manual lubrication availability so that the cuts arrive smooth and lump-free.

So how are you gonna assure yourself that this is the ideal blade for your task?

Well, if you ask what’s the right blade for cutting metal, I will say a blade that is made of a balanced blend of aluminum oxide or a triple-chip grind aluminum will be comprehensive.

However, if you want a burr-free and clean edge, you can use blades that feature triple-teeth grooving function as it cuts the metal remaining cold, causing less spark, and being gentle on the large metal bars.

Features of a Competent Blade

Let's have a quick glance over the features that reside in an ideal metal cutting blade!

  • Provides you precise, neat and wear-free metal cuts

  • Doesn’t wobble much when working

  • Gives you a fine and burr-free finish

  • Encounters shocks and sudden sparks

  • Comes handy and easy to accommodate inside the miter saw

  • Sharp and sturdy teeth that don't break or gets rusty after use

Precautions You Need to Take

  • Wear goggles and hand gloves before starting the task

  • Make sure you use your dominant hand that has a good grip when progressing for the cut 

  • Avoid using a cold blade in a miter saw and opt for the cooler miter saw instead

  • Lubricate the blades regularly

Bottom Line

Accuracy is the key! So, it is advised using the right tool for a particular job. But if you are deliberately wanting to cut metal bars using your miter saw, then just make sure you are sufficient with the proper idea of purchasing a quality blade with high resilience. 

It may not give you an overwhelming result, but it does the job anyway, and no wonder it's a cheap hack!

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