How to Unlock a Miter Saw

Miter saws are an absolutely essential tool for any professional carpenter. Proper utilization of one helps us get that professional-looking finish on any sawing, making them quite useful for a variety of wood related projects.

The job may require carpenters to move their miter saws in and out of their workplace. These saws are pretty much made to be portable and easy to set up. They also include many safety features, like designs to hold the blade in place. Thus, the saw consists of many different locks.

Lucky for us, most of these locks are standardized. Today, we are going to take a look at how to undo and operate these locks, so that you can finish setting up your miter saw in a matter of minutes!

How to Unlock Different Types of Locks

How to Unlock a Miter Saw

The process of locking and unlocking a miter saw is fairly straightforward. Depending on the model that you own, it usually takes only a couple of steps in order for you to unlock your saw.

Now we know that there are various types of locks on the market. But you have nothing to worry about. In this section, we’ll tell you about how to unlock each type of lock. The procedures have been explained in an easy manner so that it gets easier to unlock the miter saw.

Blade Locks

The first lock we came across is the blade lock. When we lock away the saw for transportation, most saws automatically fold down to make the carrying easy and safe. Pins and knobs make up this particular knob. Knobs attached to the very end of the pins can be turned to lock or unlock the blade.

Now it depends on the variant of your miter saw, whether you would have to turn, push or pull the knob to unlock the blade. The blade rising up automatically indicates the release of the knob. There is usually a guard covering the blade for safety. The guard, too, rises up alongside the blade.

Angle Locks or Swivel Locks

Two locks control the blades’ angular movement. We can find these two locks at the front of the saw. The large, horizontally knurled knob controls the angular swivel.

There is also a lever underneath this knob, which locks the presets for the ordinary angles of the blade. The position of this level, however, varies across different models.

And the lever is usually spring-loaded. Therefore, a mild force with an index finger should allow us to alter the angle presets. The swivel is controlled by turning the horizontal knob. Loosening the knob allows us to angle the blade to our desired position while tightening the knob locks the blade in place.

Bevel Lock

This particular lock will vary from model to model. These locks only come with the models that feature beveling capabilities, such as compound miter saws. The ones that can bevel have a lock that you can that can be adjusted with a spring-loaded lever, or at the very least, a pin.

You either have to push down the lever and release it at your desired bevel angle, or you can move the pin around to do and achieve your desired angle. 

Most models nowadays come marked with the most used angles, such as 45 or 90 degrees, where the pins snap into place. You can also simply release the lever at the preset you wish to bevel.


As you may have figured out by now, adjusting or unlocking a miter saw is not that big of a deal. The locks are an important safety component that holds the blade in place so that the saw can be transported safely. It is of utmost importance that you know what you are doing when unlocking and re-adjusting the saw.

Do not hesitate to reach out for help. If it requires professional help, it is all the more important that you hire someone or reach out to one of your more experienced friends. These tools are dangerous and will cost you dearly if you do not maintain a certain level of caution.

I hope our article helped. Happy sawing!

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